Monday, May 24, 2010

Miles Lavon Morrey

In case you have not heard... my expected little girl... is a little boy... and a super cute one. we named him after my two heroes, miles davis, and my dad. in his first week of life he has proven to be quite the impressionist... the obvious impression is joe.. (with all the whining and sleeping ) but some of his more convincing impressions are Popeye;

also Link from the Legend of Zelda

and my favorite, the alien from Indiana Jones And the Crystal Skull

one day he will make me famous, or at least rich.. or.. maybe just proud.. but at least rich enough to buy a keyboard with a space key that works


Toners said...

What a cutie. I'm glad you posted pics (creepy though that last one was!)

When are we going to do our bonfire?? EH? I got a fire pit and wood. Now we just need ya'll!

Beckstreet said...

So why did your first picture of an ultrasound say Anthony Lavon Morrey? then it was a girl and now a boy? I'm confused?
My nephew Miles looked like that last picture too. Well how do you think YOUR head would look after being squeezed out of an opening that small?
Congrats Daddy Tony!

Shell and Brian said...

He is so cute! Seriously, one day we should do dinner or something. I miss your cooking. :) Besides, I'm moving to Provo and I'll have no life. I got a manager position there to make 30-40k. text me.