Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bout time..

sup yall. I figured it was about time i put up a real post. i even have pictures!! so life as we know it has been rough but.. fun.. I like it rough. cathrine and i are living in the house on 8000 w again. we decided that living with my parents was worse than living with hers... for now. either way. I will only be living in utah for 13 more days. i am leaving for boot camp on the 28th of this month. i finally get to quit comcast on the 24th.. what a glorious day that will be.i plann to deliver goodbye cards to the people that i liked. and "F*** YOU" cards to the people i didnt like so much. :D so effing excited!
on to other news. I have lost 35 pounds in the last 9 months. i have included evidence.. its only of my face though so its not that impressive.
Miles is turning 9 months on friday. he has gained 12 pounds in 9 months.. hes a little tubber its cute, and no .. he doesnt have any hair... get over it.
ok. so.. enough time waisted lets get to the pictures!!

THis is the before

and this is the after... can you tell? i know its hard... but it has reflected in pant size.. niether of my suits fit at all anymore... i use that excuse to get out of church all the time.. and none of my jeans fit without a belt (and im on my last belt loop before i have to go get a smaller one :( )

and these are of the cutest thing you ever saw in your life..... my son miles.

ok.. this will likely be my last post before i go to basic training so.. be grateful and leave a comment. i will post pictures when i get back in May.. hopefully in time for beccas wedding and miles' birthday.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

No man can learn what he has not preparation for learning, however near to his eyes is the object. A chemist may tell his most precious secrets to a carpenter, and he shall be never the wiser, — the secrets he would not utter to a chemist for an estate. God screens us evermore from premature ideas. Our eyes are holden that we cannot see things that stare us in the face, until the hour arrives when the mind is ripened; then we behold them, and the time when we saw them not is like a dream.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Step one, part one

The hotel. When the recruiter kept telling me we were going to the hotel ... My first impulse was to tell him I'm not that kind of girl. But when it comes to the government I find it best to just do what they say and not ask and question that would make you look stupid. I of course was not going for an overnighter witha slightly questionable recruiter. I found out that the hotel is where you go the night before meld so that they can make sure you eat and wake up on time before you go to have your privacy thoroughly Invaded by some army doctor. Myexperience was great. Though I ruining roommates was less then awesome. The room we got had a couch that had a hideawaybed and also had one king size bed. I quickly judge that my roommate was timid and nonconfrontational and I took the king size.. Poor kid. Can't let people walk all over you like that. I hope he makes it through today without crying. Nobody wants to see that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

redemption, step one

In life we make mistakes, some of them big some of them small. tomorrow i hope to resolve one of my past mistakes, i once decided to join the navy, and then like a regular pansey i backed out. tomorrow i am going to MEPS (Millitary Entrance Processing Station)to make good on it. I am rejoining the navy (if they decide they still want me that is.) so here we go. hold your breath.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This I believe...

There are too many people in this world from too many different backgrounds for one belief to work for everyone.
There are too many secrets.
Life is full of surprises, most of them are neither good or bad, not being bad is a good enough excuse for me to call them good.
You can only really respond to sadness or offence in two ways; you can be bitter or you can be better, the former will not make you happy.
The heart of life is good.
Not everything that is hard is worth the effort, but that doesn't mean we should always take the easy way.
Sometimes it is easier to believe what they tell you than it is to face your family and tell them you don't believe anymore.
Not everything beautiful is true.
Not everyone that is nice, is good.
Just because something isn't true, that doesn't mean you can't believe it.
Everything in this world denotes that there is a peaceful, and merciful Creator.
God wants only for us to be happy, he doesn't care how we make ourselves happy as long as we are not making anyone else unhappy, and we are doing everything we can to make his other children happy.
There are very few people in this world with bad intentions, most are simply trying to be happy the wrong way.
When cooking a pot-roast never take it directly from the cold fridge to the hot oven, it makes it tough. Let it warm up and relax a little and it will be more open to the flavors that you rub into it.

This, I believe.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Miles Lavon Morrey

In case you have not heard... my expected little girl... is a little boy... and a super cute one. we named him after my two heroes, miles davis, and my dad. in his first week of life he has proven to be quite the impressionist... the obvious impression is joe.. (with all the whining and sleeping ) but some of his more convincing impressions are Popeye;

also Link from the Legend of Zelda

and my favorite, the alien from Indiana Jones And the Crystal Skull

one day he will make me famous, or at least rich.. or.. maybe just proud.. but at least rich enough to buy a keyboard with a space key that works

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photoshop CS5!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG... im gonna pee my pants in anticipation of this program. in case any of you are nerdy enough to know that the new versiopn of photoshop is comming out on april 12th 2010; I congradulate you on being awesome, for everyone else. It's gonna be frickin awesome!!!! the thing is just packed full of awesome features like smart edge finders, new filters, and best of all... it's pretty

Be assured that when a torrent for it becomes available, there will definatly be some "sharing" going on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why animals will one day start the apocalypse

You might think that its funny or cute or have some other perverted reason for wanting to put your beloved animal into a costume.

you dont understand apperently the fury, the rage, that is storing up inside the little tike. one day you will be sorry.

one day these animials will most certianly wage war against an unsuspecting public and all will be lost. the weapons of cats destructions are being built as we speak.

even now while you are reading this, fluffy is using your WiFi to network her doomsday device with others around the world.

I for one will not be decived, and when the animal uprising comes, I will be the first to turn against mankind,

All the tunafish and catnip in the world cant save us then.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The sign in the soup

I have a small rant to post... you know like the kind I used to do all the time before I decided it best not to post my true feelings on my blog.
well, here goes;
why is it that when someone has a serious question of faith they are shunned. why is it that when someone really doesn't understand/ accept a certain piece of gospel they are treated like a bad person? its it that understanding of the gospel is something that one should be born with? or should have picked up in primary (brain washing) ? don't get me wrong I'm not bashing my own religion out of spite or hatred. I just don't think the %80 of the followers really know whats going on. they are just so afraid to admit that they don't get it or that they don't agree with it (especially in Utah). I for one am tired of hiding the things that I don't understand with blind faith. i still think that there is a lot of good to be found in my church and I still plan to go. I have great faith in many of the things that I have been taught. I also plan to find out how to understand the things that re causing my current crisis of faith. but I want the blogging world to know and perhaps join with me in my conviction that there are some questions that can no longer go unanswered, there are many things that I must first understand before any progression of my soul is possible. call me a heretic if you will but I don't think there is anything wrong with questioning your religion as long as it is done in the spirit of truth, and with the true intent of gaining understanding, as it has been said before truth will out. those with nothing to fear, should not fear interrogation. I have questions, it can't be wrong to want answers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

something wanted something stolen something written cant be broken

laws are laws and rules are rules but something new is overdue

tear the walls down break the windows Molotov cocktails at the gates

no one watches no one cares, their scared to see and scared to care

revolution is never nice, its cold, its sad, but not unwise

power is given by power being taken, the old are deaf the new are green

and most will choose an older sin, but many fall to raze it all

not all men have spotless motives, there is corruption on both sides

a broken home makes broken men, and men who know too little

too many homes are missing parts, missing heart

this may not be the best course of action

but action is needed and too many suffer in silence

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Oh how I love you beloved iPhone
I'll never know how I lived without you
Your sliver frame of chrome...
customized ringtones
I'll never love another phone
Your mirror on the back...
good for a quick booger check
there is nothing that you lack

I have just found out that using Winamp I can remote access all of my files on my work and home computers from my iphone. I am truly in love, seduced by technology and all its seethy niftyness.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


so... first off I would like to announce the TWO newest members of The Morrey Family... their names are Washer, and Dryer. They entered the world at a staggering price of $699, at exactly 1:03PM on tuesday the 10th of november. Then went right to work at the 5 foot pile of laundry that was happily awaiting their arrival.

Next item on the agenda, for those of you who did not know. we are also expecting a much more awesome addition to The Morrey Family come May 24th ... Anthony Lavon Morrey

that is all the conversation I have for today... i will leave again with some pictures. This, is what happens when Cathrine leaves me alone at her work.

so one sunday I decided that we needed to drive 70 miles through the middle of the desert to get to a place that has absolutly no reedeeming qualities except.. that you can drive as fast as you want... with no real consiquenses (unless of course you take a sharp turn) as you can see it was very exciting...

It's funny to me... It felt like we were going much much faster than 90mph... I think this picture might have been taken as we were slowing down.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Er... a day off? what's that?

so ... I havn't had a day to myself for months... its almost frightening.. I keep waiting for my boss to call me and change her mind about giving me a day off.. I have so many things to do today... no idea why im blogging... .. but at least I should give you all an update on life as it has been since my last update. we've moved back to magna. we live in ann youngburgs old house (one of the houses on 8000 W, those ones with the hudge backyards..) its awesome. my father-in-law has a riding lawnmower he was going to let me use today but it snowed >:( not so happy about that... I guess I'll have to do laundrey or something. well I dont have much time to stick around and chat so I'll sum up with some pictures

Firstly, My wife...... aint she sweet?

Second, my once beautiful mane of hair, cat made me cut it all off. :( It looked much cooler when it wasn't all combed out like that... it just looks poofy in this picture

and finally, another photoshop projgect, this weeks tutorial was "screening", looks nice eh?

Monday, August 24, 2009

ode to the Olympus - Stylus Tough 12-Megapixel Digital Camera

This fancy little camera is waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, and freezeproof, plus it's 12MP to boot. techinically the statment I made the "I" have a new camera is not correct. I acctually purchased this camera for my wife for her birthday. But what's hers is mine, and whats mine is... well.... also mine. This camera came with a $379 pricetag and for what it is thats a pretty average price. not too bad...
here are some pictures of it.. obviously I didnt take them since they are pictures of the camera... they are the stock photos from bestbuys website.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

URGENT News Update... Im not dead!!

Life, is a grand thing. My ward temple day was this morning. We were to be there at 7am (true to my fashion we arrived 15 minutes late), but that did not stop us from having a very calming morning at the temple. When we finished with the ordinence we decided to go out to the temple grounds and take some pictures. Apperently saturdays in august are the best time to get married. We had to pry our way around all of the couples that were having their pictures taken ... but I did manage to get in a few good ones (which I have included here for your veiwing pleasure) you mat notice the unrealisticness of some of the pictures ... I have recently aquired a "free" copy of photoshop CS2... (more information on that is available on request... ) and I have learned a few new tricks for ageing pictures. I will try to update more often now that I have a camera again. Peace out yall.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The art of the night shift

So for the past few weeks I have been working two jobs, I am a moonlight security guard. It's really really boring. I stare at a fence for several hours at a time to make sure no one breaks in. No one has ever even tried.. the owners are just really paraniod and apparently have the extra 100 bucks a day to give me for doing nothing. Since it is so boring I have been in the habbit of bringing my laptopn with me... and I have also recently accuired a "copy" of Photoshop CS2.. the end result is the pictures that follow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For fear of normallity...

What is so wrong with apathy? I don't want to start out sounding like a philosophy thesis but I believe that before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post that I need to properly state the grounds on which my opinion is based... two of my favorite google answers to this question are first "the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally ," and second "an absence of emotion or enthusiasm," first I suppose the question should be asked if emotion is required or simply desired. can a person do anything justice without feeling any emotion to the task at hand? More to the point is it possible to love someone and not be excited to be around them? I for one don't think so. I'm told that love is more of a feeling than a verb. How false this statement is. Love is definitely a feeling but not a feeling alone. Love is also a verb. Love is chicken soup when you're sick. Love is watching a movie you didn't want to see. Love is daisies when when I miss you, love is staying home all day just to be with each other. love is so much more than just a feeling.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sorry for the rubbish posts i'm trying to make mobile blogger work. Just be patient i'll do a real post when i figure it out


This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A brighter future for us all.

When change occurs it scares you... it is often unwelcomed and frequently bad. But not all change is bad. Once in a while something changes for the better. When such a change happens it is always blind. It is an un-written law of nature that all good things ane given in accordance with our faith. It make sense to conclude that it is not nearly enough to just avoid bad behavior if you expect good things to happen to you... for good to come to you you must first bring good to someone else.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Part 2 (which really should have been part 1 because its more of an overview and less specific)

The Cardinal Rule of being a groom is this: Stay the frick out of the way. Be interested, but not TOO interested. Convince her that you're excited about the wedding, but give her space to do her thing. Essentially your bride's entire life has been spent dreaming about and planning this one day, and before you even popped the question she knew that she wanted green bridesmaids' dresses and a bouquet of white roses. I'm not even kidding either. While you were off daydreaming as a kid about making the diving catch in the end zone and wining the Super Bowl, she was trying to figure out whether she wanted fairy princesses or white unicorn ponies to act as flower girls at her wedding. Any attempt by you to get in the way is going to throw a wrench in her plans, so just stay out of it. You are an accessory, not an integral part of the wedding. YOU are replaceable, black pocket-fold invitation envelopes and monogrammed custom-made table runners are not.
However, a delicate balance must be maintained. If you get TOO hands-off in your wedding planning duties, you will be accused of "not giving a crap about the wedding". This is EVEN WORSE than trying to help and inevitably screwing something up, because when you're messing everything up you're at least making an honest (if not insanely incompetent) effort. If you don't give a crap, it makes her seriously wonder why she decided to marry you, since any rejection of the wedding or anything it entails directly translates into a personal rejection of her. You don't care about the guestbook? Well screw you then. She'll find someone who does.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Prep 1010

I have decided to make a few posts that will prepare any un-married of my friends that still read my blog for what lies ahead of them..
Here's a brief insight as to what the initial phases of your wedding planning is going to be like - you're going to be looking at a lot of stuff like the two swatches below and you wil be asked which one you like better:

If you can use actual words to describe the difference between these two colors, then you're either a woman or you're the kind of guy that can only legally get married in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Any attempt to differentiate between red, bright red, blood red, scarlet, crimson, vermillion, cherry, burgundy, cardinal, black magic, garnet, fire engine, cerise, rust, blush, rouge, wine, brick, maroon, cranberry and carmine will only result in complete and total failure and is essentially an exercise in making you want to kill yourself in a violent and horrible way with some sort of gardening implement. My advice to you is to save yourself the trouble. The "correct" answer when presented with an aesthetic color choice like the example I've provided is just to say, "I don't know honey, which one do YOU like better?" (Note: This is the correct answer for most wedding-related questions). This will make your bride feel like you trust her decision implicitly and have faith in her abilities, which will boost her confidence and hopefully empower her to make this seemingly-inconsequential decision unilaterally. In the more-often-than-not case that she sees through your crap and calls you on it, simply admit that you cannot tell the two colors apart and hang your head in shame while she expresses her incredulity at your imperceptiveness, accuses you of not giving a crap about your wedding, and then spends six minutes explaining the exact definition of the term "redder". She will potentially then ask you yet again which shade you like better. In situations like this, I generally choose the farthest one to the left, whatever that may be.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So it finally happened today.. has anyone ever wondered what happiness if the drive through tubes at the bank stop working??? what if you put all your money in the transit capsule of death ... write you account number on it and then it gets stuck somewhere in the magical land of the vacuum? where does it go between the time that it leaves your car and pops into the hand of the bank teller of death?? does it simply traverse through a massive tube system that goes underground and if so how come it takes so long to go a whole 10 feet? could it be possible that there is a troll hiding under the ground stealing all of our riches??!?!?!?? I think that its a likely explanation... in any event.. the stupid troll did EVENTUALLY give the money to the teller (10 minutes later I might add after the teller and I had played the "well where did it go then?" game more times than I thought was necessary)... who knows if the troll took some of it or not... (you know those troll types) I bet he did... but there is obviously not going to be any convincing the teller of that fact..