Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bout time..

sup yall. I figured it was about time i put up a real post. i even have pictures!! so life as we know it has been rough but.. fun.. I like it rough. cathrine and i are living in the house on 8000 w again. we decided that living with my parents was worse than living with hers... for now. either way. I will only be living in utah for 13 more days. i am leaving for boot camp on the 28th of this month. i finally get to quit comcast on the 24th.. what a glorious day that will be.i plann to deliver goodbye cards to the people that i liked. and "F*** YOU" cards to the people i didnt like so much. :D so effing excited!
on to other news. I have lost 35 pounds in the last 9 months. i have included evidence.. its only of my face though so its not that impressive.
Miles is turning 9 months on friday. he has gained 12 pounds in 9 months.. hes a little tubber its cute, and no .. he doesnt have any hair... get over it.
ok. so.. enough time waisted lets get to the pictures!!

THis is the before

and this is the after... can you tell? i know its hard... but it has reflected in pant size.. niether of my suits fit at all anymore... i use that excuse to get out of church all the time.. and none of my jeans fit without a belt (and im on my last belt loop before i have to go get a smaller one :( )

and these are of the cutest thing you ever saw in your life..... my son miles.

ok.. this will likely be my last post before i go to basic training so.. be grateful and leave a comment. i will post pictures when i get back in May.. hopefully in time for beccas wedding and miles' birthday.


Toners said...

Maybe that's why I wasn't sure it was you at Taco time the other day! Crazy! Well I am very excited for you guys, and I know it'll be a great thing for you!

Can't wait to hear updates!

Beckstreet said...

I'm being grateful and leaving a comment... :)

Good Luck to you and to Catherine while you're away. Can't wait to see pictures and hear of your adventures!