Saturday, August 22, 2009

URGENT News Update... Im not dead!!

Life, is a grand thing. My ward temple day was this morning. We were to be there at 7am (true to my fashion we arrived 15 minutes late), but that did not stop us from having a very calming morning at the temple. When we finished with the ordinence we decided to go out to the temple grounds and take some pictures. Apperently saturdays in august are the best time to get married. We had to pry our way around all of the couples that were having their pictures taken ... but I did manage to get in a few good ones (which I have included here for your veiwing pleasure) you mat notice the unrealisticness of some of the pictures ... I have recently aquired a "free" copy of photoshop CS2... (more information on that is available on request... ) and I have learned a few new tricks for ageing pictures. I will try to update more often now that I have a camera again. Peace out yall.


Becca said...

Wow, those are REALLY good. What kind of camera do you have? Good to see you're ALIVE in blogland!! Good grief!!!!

Toners said...

Hey two things:

One, I replied to your comment :D

Second, would you put up step-by-step instructions on how to do that to your photos? I also have Photoshop and am slowly learning. I love to learn new techniques and those are beautiful!

Shell and Brian said...

I miss talking to you. How are you guys?