Tuesday, November 10, 2009


so... first off I would like to announce the TWO newest members of The Morrey Family... their names are Washer, and Dryer. They entered the world at a staggering price of $699, at exactly 1:03PM on tuesday the 10th of november. Then went right to work at the 5 foot pile of laundry that was happily awaiting their arrival.

Next item on the agenda, for those of you who did not know. we are also expecting a much more awesome addition to The Morrey Family come May 24th ... Anthony Lavon Morrey

that is all the conversation I have for today... i will leave again with some pictures. This, is what happens when Cathrine leaves me alone at her work.

so one sunday I decided that we needed to drive 70 miles through the middle of the desert to get to a place that has absolutly no reedeeming qualities except.. that you can drive as fast as you want... with no real consiquenses (unless of course you take a sharp turn) as you can see it was very exciting...

It's funny to me... It felt like we were going much much faster than 90mph... I think this picture might have been taken as we were slowing down.

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Shell and Brian said...

Hey thanks. I think I will apply tomorrow. My job really sucks. It was good to hear from you. How are you guys?