Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Er... a day off? what's that?

so ... I havn't had a day to myself for months... its almost frightening.. I keep waiting for my boss to call me and change her mind about giving me a day off.. I have so many things to do today... no idea why im blogging... .. but at least I should give you all an update on life as it has been since my last update. we've moved back to magna. we live in ann youngburgs old house (one of the houses on 8000 W, those ones with the hudge backyards..) its awesome. my father-in-law has a riding lawnmower he was going to let me use today but it snowed >:( not so happy about that... I guess I'll have to do laundrey or something. well I dont have much time to stick around and chat so I'll sum up with some pictures

Firstly, My wife...... aint she sweet?

Second, my once beautiful mane of hair, cat made me cut it all off. :( It looked much cooler when it wasn't all combed out like that... it just looks poofy in this picture

and finally, another photoshop projgect, this weeks tutorial was "screening", looks nice eh?

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