Tuesday, December 22, 2009

something wanted something stolen something written cant be broken

laws are laws and rules are rules but something new is overdue

tear the walls down break the windows Molotov cocktails at the gates

no one watches no one cares, their scared to see and scared to care

revolution is never nice, its cold, its sad, but not unwise

power is given by power being taken, the old are deaf the new are green

and most will choose an older sin, but many fall to raze it all

not all men have spotless motives, there is corruption on both sides

a broken home makes broken men, and men who know too little

too many homes are missing parts, missing heart

this may not be the best course of action

but action is needed and too many suffer in silence


Shell and Brian said...

You crack me up. I eventually went to the dr after I couldn't stand for longer than 20 minutes at work. I got some time off and we watched all 6 HP movies too. It was nice to have some time for just us for once...I would have killed for chicken soup. I haven't made it in forever.

Shell and Brian said...

Oh. My birthday is in a month, and I think I amn going to try to get the couples together for dinner. I have imssed seeing you guys. Are you in?