Monday, February 22, 2010

The sign in the soup

I have a small rant to post... you know like the kind I used to do all the time before I decided it best not to post my true feelings on my blog.
well, here goes;
why is it that when someone has a serious question of faith they are shunned. why is it that when someone really doesn't understand/ accept a certain piece of gospel they are treated like a bad person? its it that understanding of the gospel is something that one should be born with? or should have picked up in primary (brain washing) ? don't get me wrong I'm not bashing my own religion out of spite or hatred. I just don't think the %80 of the followers really know whats going on. they are just so afraid to admit that they don't get it or that they don't agree with it (especially in Utah). I for one am tired of hiding the things that I don't understand with blind faith. i still think that there is a lot of good to be found in my church and I still plan to go. I have great faith in many of the things that I have been taught. I also plan to find out how to understand the things that re causing my current crisis of faith. but I want the blogging world to know and perhaps join with me in my conviction that there are some questions that can no longer go unanswered, there are many things that I must first understand before any progression of my soul is possible. call me a heretic if you will but I don't think there is anything wrong with questioning your religion as long as it is done in the spirit of truth, and with the true intent of gaining understanding, as it has been said before truth will out. those with nothing to fear, should not fear interrogation. I have questions, it can't be wrong to want answers.


Toners said...

You've hit on a fundamental truth. I believe most, if not all, religions depend on a great many people being sheep. Because even the great ones, have holes. They have grey areas and muddy patches because they are run by MEN who are trying to act as they believe GOD wants them to. Men make mistakes.

Instead of taking that point of view, they often try to "cover" or "ignore" those little muddy patches, which makes it worse for those of us who are cynical or questioning.

Hence the "uncomfortable" questions become something to be ashamed of, and blind faith is something to be proud of. It's a little backwards to me too.

Good luck with your truth seeking, often, unless you find the right spiritual leaders, it's a bit of a wild goose hunt.

Beckstreet said...

You would leave us hanging like that. Cruelness. So what are the questions? I'm curious.

Shell and Brian said...

I work at Sam's doing the same thing as before, just for a different company. I get paid a little less, but I get twice as many hours as I used to.