Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So it finally happened today.. has anyone ever wondered what happiness if the drive through tubes at the bank stop working??? what if you put all your money in the transit capsule of death ... write you account number on it and then it gets stuck somewhere in the magical land of the vacuum? where does it go between the time that it leaves your car and pops into the hand of the bank teller of death?? does it simply traverse through a massive tube system that goes underground and if so how come it takes so long to go a whole 10 feet? could it be possible that there is a troll hiding under the ground stealing all of our riches??!?!?!?? I think that its a likely explanation... in any event.. the stupid troll did EVENTUALLY give the money to the teller (10 minutes later I might add after the teller and I had played the "well where did it go then?" game more times than I thought was necessary)... who knows if the troll took some of it or not... (you know those troll types) I bet he did... but there is obviously not going to be any convincing the teller of that fact..

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